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7103 Petit Celler, Mallorca – Vermut No Passis Pena

7103 Petit Celler - Vermut No Passis Pena

SKU: 03-00001

The hour of wormwood!

The comeback of a traditional drink from the 50s and 60s.

Vermouth or Spanish presumption - this is not just a drink, it is a ritual that has been rediscovered after a long time and is even absolutely in vogue.

Pure artisanal preparation. Developed in collaboration between 7103 Petit Celler and Vermutera de Mallorca. This bittersweet, wonderful Vermut is made by Bodega 7103 Petit Celler from the local Manto Negro grape in the typical Mallorcan style. The Vermut is macerated for months with 21 selected herbs, including the Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary, Marialluisa, the classic marubi or carnation, which were selected by La Vermutera *

* General term (Latin macerare = soaking) for the extraction of extracts by letting plant parts soak in liquids such as alcohol, oil or water. The addition of herbs, flowers or fruits to alcoholic beverages with the aim of flavoring is also called maceration.

  • Product info

    7103 Petit Celler - Vermut No Passis Pena

    Limited Edition, bottles are numbered on the back,

    Production includes only 1,200 bottles.

    Growing area: Binissalem

    Grape varieties: 100% Mantonegro

    Alcohol content: 15% vol.

    Bottle capacity: 0.75 l

    On ice with olive and orange The classic way to drink the vermouth is on ice cubes, filled with soda from the siphon, plus a slice of orange and an olive on a skewer.

    Allergen information: contains sulphites

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