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Celler Jaume de Puntiró – Carmesi, Vino Negre, 2017

Celler Jaume de Puntiró - Carmesi, Vino Negre, 2017

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Celler Jaume de Puntiró Vinyes i Vins

was founded in 1980 by Jaume Calafat i Nadal and is currently run by his children Pere and Bernat Calafat i Vich.

The cellar is located in Santa Maria del Camí, where the wine tradition dates back to the Catalan conquest (in the 13th century). However, viticulture and winemaking did not become an important economic activity in the village until the 17th century. Wines have been made here in the traditional way for centuries, and the wineries can be recognized by a pine branch hanging from the portal.

The Celler Jaume de Puntiró produces ecological and traditionally produced quality wines. The whole process - the cultivation of the vine, the winemaking and the maturation - takes place according to the traditional artisanal methods and guidelines, without losing sight of the technological developments. The winery has a master craftsman's certificate and a certificate of craftsmanship.

The cultivation and production process is environmentally and consumer-friendly and follows the practices and customs of traditional regional agriculture, which have always been environmentally friendly. The winery has a certificate for organic cultivation.

  • Product info

    Celler Jaume de Puntiró vinyes i vins - Carmesi, Vino Negre 2017

    Growing area: Binissalem

    Vintage: 2017

    Aged for 12 months in American oak barrels
    Grape varieties: Mantonegro, Syrah, Cabernet and Callet

    Alcohol content: 14% vol.

    Drinking temperature: from 17 ° C

    Bottle capacity: 0.75 l

    Nose: Strong, smoky, ripe wild berries and vanilla
    Color: ruby red with crimson tones, very radiant
    Palate: well structured, with a slight acidity, predominantly noble wood and liquorice in the finish

    Aged for 12 months in American oak barrels

    Allergen information: contains sulphites

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