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VERMÚ - DA, Wermut Negre

VERMÚ - DA, Vermouth Negre

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Andreu Genestra was awarded a Michelin star in 2020. He has worked exclusively for many celebrities around the world. Today he has his own top restaurant on Mallorca, very close to Capdera. His kitchen embodies the perfect combination of culture, tradition and innovation. Fresh, healthy, surprising and unique cuisine.

He serves all of this for a maximum of 30 guests in his restaurant, built in the 15th century, completed with exquisite service. The Andreu Genestra restaurant is surrounded by a 12,000 square meter vegetable garden, vineyards and olive groves.

Andreu Genestra invites us to stroll through the most authentic flavors of Mallorca that connect us to all the places that the Mediterranean Sea washes.

Everything smells of Mallorca and so does its vermouth, unique!

  • Product info

    VERMÚ - DA, Blanc - The vermouth from star chef Andreu Genestra,

    awarded a Michelin star.

    Alcohol content: 18% vol.

    Bottle capacity: 0.75 l

    If there was no vermouth in the cocktail bar, the bar history books would have to be rewritten. There would be no martini and no Manhattan. All classics that cannot do without the aperitif wine. And all classics that still rule the bars of the world.

    Vermouth based on herbs and spices used in the kitchen of star chef Andreu Genestra.

    Allergen information: contains sulphites

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